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99% Feminized Industrial Hemp Seed.

Welcome to We specialize in providing high quality, feminized, industrial hemp seeds (less than .3% THC) for CBD farmers. All of our seeds are guaranteed to be at least 99% feminized and all orders come with phylos (sex tests) to document this. We also provide complete COA’s and germination rates with all orders. We typically average a 95% germination rate. We currently have Chardonnay and a Chardonnay-Otto II cross available for purchase at a discounted rate of $.60 per seed, and we offer a mix of the two for $.50 per seed. We ask all orders to be a minimum of 1,000 seeds. If you are interested in our seeds, please click on the contact link at the bottom of the page.



All of our seeds are grown and harvested at our indoor facilities in Southwest Colorado. This insures that we can have complete control over all growing conditions. We have recently expanded our operations and added a 6,000 square foot indoor growing/processing facility as well as three new greenhouse bays for a total of 42,000 square feet of greenhouse space.